Bed Bug Advice

Bed Bug Full Image — Pest Elimination in Madison, WI
Don't feel bad, ashamed or a poor housekeeper if you find yourself with bedbugs. Bedbugs are opportunists and great hitchhikers. Most cases are just unfortunate luck. Staying in a hotel, or guests staying at your home, kids bringing them from college or friends, second hand furniture, clothing, etc….the list could go on and on.
Tips to help prevent bedbugs:
1. Inspect hotel room. Look behind headboard, between mattress and boxspring, luggage stand, nightstand drawers. Look for dark specks, live bugs, etc.
2. Do not purchase or acquire any 2nd hand furniture, mattresses, etc unless treating it prior to bringing in into your home or apartment.
3. Be sure of any house guests that come to visit. Don't be afraid to ask if they have been exposed to bedbugs in any hotel, etc.
4. After a vacation, business trip, staying at friends, etc., leave luggage in garage or vehicle. Bring clothes in one load at a time and wash and dry on hot, even if it has not been worn. Never set your luggage on the bed.
5. Be aware of your children and their friends. Sleepovers can be an ultimate transferring tool.
6. Those most likely to be affected by bed bugs are:
  • Multi housing units
  • Hotels and resorts
  • College and university dorms/housing
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Furniture rental companies
  • Hospital and medical offices
  • Public transportation
  • Office buildings
**the above mentioned, are also places that bed bugs can be introduced into your home after visiting or staying**
There are two main bedbug treatment methods, insecticide and heat treatment. Both can be very effective if done properly. We have decided to concentrate on insecticide only, mainly to keep costs down for our customers. Besides the majority of pest control providers that use heat, follow-up with insecticides.

The success of bedbug control is largely affected by proper preparation, & cooperation of families, tenants, property managers, owners, etc. This is the case for both insecticide, and heat treatment. The best results always happen when all work together.

Some common mistakes made are poor preparation, only allowing treatment to one room, apt, hotel room, etc. Bedbugs more commonly than not, will be found in adjoining rooms, apartments, etc from the main infestation site or original discovery area.

An average time frame of when you were exposed or picked up the bedbugs until you notice an infestation is usually around 3 months. If you happen to find yourself with bedbugs, take a look back as to travel, house guests, purchasing second hand furniture, etc. We recommend never purchase or acquire used mattresses for your home.