What Our Customers Are Saying About Our Pest Elimination Services

I Haven't Found a Bug in a Year

In the summer of 2003, We were swarmed with Asian beetles and box elders. I called Ron and left a message. I was given a call back that day and Ron made it out to our home around 6:30, 7:00 a.m. the next morning. He made it convenient for us when he would show up and made sure we were comfortable with it. He explained everything to us and I haven't found a bug in a year.

Ron has been nothing but nice and I will continue to refer my friends and fellow bug haters.

Mark and Chrissy B.
A-1 Landscaping


Cliff has been taking care of our bugs and rodent problems for years. We couldn't be more happy with the results. We recommend Cliff and PPE to all our friends. Mark & Kris Schiferl
Mark S.
Schiferl System Resources Inc.


Cliff has done a phenomenal extermination job for our company's various locations. He's knowledgeable, prompt and professional, and we have great peace of mind knowing he's on the job for us!
Diane S.

What a Difference!!!

James and Cody (PPE tech's) have been treating our home for over the past three years. We have always been pleased with their professional service. They go out of their way to give us the best service. Before pest control we always had insects in the basement, since we starting spraying, it's like night and day, rarely a bug. I'm very happy to know that our house is bug and rodent free. If anything ever gets out of hand, their more than happy to come back and spray again (unscheduled time, no questions asked. Hats off to my PPPE technicians James and Cody. Keep up the good work. Yvonne
Yvonne B.

Kudos to Dale Reeve of PPE

I am very impressed by the effectiveness of my scheduled pest elimination visits. My house had some serious issues with seasonal pests. I have not had any issues since using PPE. Dale does an excellent job, is professional and reliable. Thank you!! Regards, Rhonda
Rhonda G.


From mice to the massive ant hills, you have managed to keep my home and yard under control. Dale, as were his predecessors, is knowledgeable with all the situations I've had and treats that particular problem with what works the best the first time around. I don't need to make another phone call for him to make another trip. Thanks so much. Roxanne
Roxanne R.

I Love PPE

We were plagued with earwigs, spiders and other assorted insects until PPE came to our rescue and the bugs disappeared. I have recommended them to many friends, knowing they are professionals who can be trusted in your home and trusted to get the job done.
Pam R.

No Pests Here

A few years ago we had a problem with Asian beetles, spiders, and mice. My wife called PPE and the pests were history shortly thereafter. Following the first treatment by Cliff the problem was solved. Cliff always made sure to explain everything he applied and what the treatment covered every time.
Dan N.

I Plan to Stick with PPe

I had a big problem with a nationally known pest control company years ago. I won't mention their name but I found PPE and have been happy with their service. Cliff has been doing my pest control for a few years now, and I find him to be very knowledgeable and friendly. I look forward to his short visits, and hope he stays with PPE for many years to come. I definitely would recommend PPE to my friends and neighbors.
Todd C.

Great Service

We have been using PPE for 4 years now...and have been very happy. We appreciate the quick and caring responsiveness of Cliff and Todd...they call back, they show up, they do a good job. It is a pleasure doing business with them. Look no further ~ you won't regret it.
Nancy H.
Cedarly Pastors Retreat


We live in the country. Our home has sky lights and large windows. I have not been able to enjoy them. For the past five years I felt I lived inside one of those plastic ant farms. Each window, skylight and glass door was filled with Asian beetles and Boxelder bugs. The outside of the house was covered with Boxelders. They would drop on you from everywhere. My husband claimed this was just the way it had to be. I called PPE out of desperation as I was getting a bit obsessed with carrying a hand held vacuum everywhere I went. Cliff sent James out the same day. He was so wonderful and worked hard to treat even the skylights. This was not an easy job! I am thrilled. I can open windows, go out on my porch. I no longer live inside a bug house and the vacuum is back in the closet. I am giddy happy not a bug in sight!
Jill G.


We have been PPE customers for over 5 yrs. Their service is outstanding, and the treatments we've received REALLY work! We live way out in the country with farm fields, woods and swamp just yards from the house,(bug haven) but we don't have any bugs in the house. Our rep (Cliff) sprays around our deck, too, and we have hardly any bugs there either.-Thanks PPE!
Leonard M.


After building a new home and suffering with pest issues during and after the construction process, PPE came as a welcome relief! Cliff is reliable, friendly, and always professional. We have had peace of mind since working with him! Thank you
Neil and Shannon D.


True professionals. From the first telephone contact to the treatment of our home's paper wasp nests, PPE is number 1. Thank you Todd and Cody. Sharon & Dan Haak
Sharon H.


If it weren't for Cliff, I would hate living in the country. Seriously!! The bugs that coated my house all summer are now virtually nonexistent. My parents live in town and now use PPE as well. Thanks guys for making a city girl a content country bumpkin!
Kathee J.

Wonderful Service

We have been serviced by PPE since 2005. We live in the country with farm fields on two sides and have been inundated with bugs for 35 years. Since Cliff started treating our home inside and out we have been completely pest free. We could not be more pleased. Thank you Cliff and PPE
Fred & Judy W.

It's a great group of folks to deal with!

For the last few years my home and my cottage have been free of Asian beetles, spiders, bugs, mice, etc. thanks to PPE. I appreciate that I'm called before they arrive at my door. It's a great group of folks to deal with!
Mary P.

We Highly Recommend Them.

When we moved out to our old farmhouse in the country, there were layers of dead Asian beetles in the attic and a variety of noisy crickets, spiders, and earwigs in the basement, as well as mice. Having gone through a year cycle with PPE, we now have a clean attic floor and only an occasional spider in the basement. Being an old farmhouse, we realize the mice problem will always be here to some degree, but we can honestly say that with PPE's treatments they have been drastically reduced. In addition to PPE's positive results, we appreciate their professionalism and good customer service. Having shopped around, we found their pricing to be very competitive as well. We highly recommend them.
Brendan and Mary F.

We Recommend their excellent & fair priced yearly service to all of our friends and neighbors!

Ron, Todd & Loralee have a team of clean, professional & honest people that have customer service and bug elimination equal as their top priority. We have been impressed from the start with our service that began nearly 3 years ago! We recommend their excellent & fair priced yearly service to all of our friends and neighbors!
Bill & Erica S.

We are Eternally Grateful.

The August rains we experience here in Southern Wisconsin were legendary, but nothing compared to the mosquito onslaught of 07. I live on a farm, surrounded by fields and standing water. We were hosting a fundraiser for the local humane society...and it appeared we were doomed. With guarded optimism Todd Radloff from PPE fogged our premise on two separate visits and the results were nothing short of miraculous. We have dealt with rain, wind and cold, but the mosquitoes were enough to literally change the event. We are eternally grateful. We raised $2000 for the HS, without PPE, we would have gone in the hole.
Bill S.
Lake Mills Veterinary Clinic

I would definitely Recommend them for any commercial or residential service.

We have received monthly service from Premier Pest Elimination for almost a year now. We have had excellent results! We receive quick and friendly service and their work is guaranteed! I would definitely recommend them for any commercial or residential service. Their prices are competitive and my tenants enjoy the safe and bug free environment they provide.
Christina B.
Courtyard Apartments


I was amazed at how fast & well it took care of our Asian lady beetles. I was always having to vacuum the beetles before anyone could use our upstairs bedrooms. Not anymore! The spider control is wonderful too. Thank you for a great job Dwight.
Dave & Wanda B.

Thanks for Making our New Home Pest Free!

My sister-in-law referred us to your company. We had recently purchased a new home and we had a terrible Japanese beetle problem. After the 1st treatment, we were able to vacuum up the dead ones and not have new ones the next day. In addition, we live on the edge of the country and we noticed a few mice droppings. My husband trapped a few, but we didn't know we got any until we smelled it. This issue was addressed at the time of your 2nd treatment and we haven't had any since. Thanks for making our new home pest free!
Eileen S.

If i were ever to leave my husband, it would be for my bug man!!!

I first contacted Premier Pest Elimination last spring because I had found several bees in and around my house. With me having a severe bee allergy, I was almost in a state of panic. I called and within a couple of hours he was here to treat the house and yard. He could have taken advantage of the situation and charged me a very high price, (which at that point I would have gladly paid) but he didn't. I live in an older home but I have the comfort of a no pest problem thanks to PPE. I often tell people, if I were ever to leave my husband, it would be for my bug man!!!
Laura H.

I would highly recommend them!

PPE has provided service at my home for over a year now with excellent results. As a former city dweller, when I moved here to the country setting, I found myself suddenly needing help with new found challenges of mice and bugs in my newer home! PPE has provided friendly, reliable and cost-effective service. I would highly recommend them!

Great Job Guys

Our business had been serviced by the same pest control company for roughly 25 yrs. We were of the belief that roaches could not be controlled and we were doing all that we could to keep the population in check. Time for a change? Absolutely! In two months time, PPE has virtually eliminated our problem and one has to look very hard to find roaches in our production facility. Great job guys. Thank you.
Mike S.
Burbank Grease Services

Thanks for a Great Job

We have been bug free since PPE has been spraying our home. PPE has always been prompt and courteous. A great company. We called because of Box Elder Bugs and Asian Beetles. They are gone. We have recommended them to our next door neighbors, and would recommend them to anyone have a bug problem. Thanks for a great job.
Ron & Pat P.


I would just like to say that I am extremely pleased with the service I am getting with PPE. I have had several other pest control vendors over the years and PPE is the best out there. My employee complaints have been almost totally eliminated and I have had to make only one call back in the last year. Even that call back was responded to in a matter of a few hours and the problem was eliminated. PPE has also addressed issues that other vendors had told me could not be controlled. The customer service I receive is second to none. I would recommend them as my vendor of choice for the future.
Tim O.
Unity Health Insurance

Don't Even Consider Another Company

I had to take the time to write. This page of testimonials is what made me choose PPE. Now I have my own to add. I have had 2 other "big" companies do my pest control over the past 4 years. All I had was messed up billing, new techs all the time, & poor control. Now I have Jeff & PPE......it's been 14 months of nothing but GREAT!!! They all are so kind & caring at PPE, from the office lady, to the tech. Don't even consider another company....just hire them. You won't be sorry. Tammy
R and T

These Guys are Miracle Workers

Every time the sun shined, the exterior of our white house was blanketed in a solid, thick writhing layer of box elder bugs — isn't that welcoming when you approach the front door? Year-round they bounced around inside our home. We tried every kind of home remedy and even re-landscaped to try to get rid of them. We were sure there was nothing more we could do, but decided to see what PPE said about it. For weeks after the first treatment, we marveled at the fact we were no longer bombarded by flying missiles while sitting at the kitchen table. Honestly, I probably would have been happy with the 90% reduction in bugs we saw after that first visit — but it got even better! I'm delighted to say we don't have box elders, we don't have Asian beetles, we don't have ants, we don't have mice — and we do have a cat and a house rabbit who haven't been affected in the least. We're actually happy to live in our house now, and I'm convinced these guys are miracle workers!
Trisha P.


Our house has cedar siding. Last year we did some major renovations. We had all of the damaged boards replaced, a new roof, gutters, front deck added and back deck upgraded. We always had a problem in the area and knew that there were a lot of bees, hornets and wasps but never knew they lived in our siding. When the siding boards and roof were removed many bee and hornet nests were found.(they even found nests in the ground) PPE had to make numerous trips out during that 2 week period to treat each area. They did a wonderful job and were out here the day I called. This summer has been totally bug free. We are using the deck more this year than any year since we moved in..all thanks to PPE.
Toni K.

Pest Control

Asian Beetle Infestation Ten years ago, (my boyfriend now husband), built his dream bachelor pad in an area considered the Bermuda Triangle by local entomologists. The beetles were so thick, the unfinished basement employed a feed shovel to remove them. The beams upstairs and windows were covered. Our home has special issues, and every time PPE comes, they do an excellent job. Thanks to Dale and Ritch, our home is now truly a dream home.
Lisa L.
Cedarly Pastors Retreat