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The European Earwig is the most common earwig in Wisconsin. 3/4" - 1" long. Earwigs have a large forcep (pincher) appendage from their abdomen. It is probably the most recognizable trait to identify the earwig. Their color is brown to light brown. Earwigs feed on vegetation and other insects. They live in large numbers under mulch and other areas that hold moisture. If they invade your home, you will also find them in moist places. Leaving damp towels out will attract earwigs if they are present.

Damage / Signs of Presence:

Earwigs received their name from a superstition that they would crawl into people's ears and bore their way into people’s brains. This is only a superstition! They do not have a painful bite nor are they poisonous to humans or pets. They are major garden pests that will damage flowers, vegetables and ornamental plants. They will find access into people’s homes which cause a major nuisance.

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