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Weights can vary, but most often weigh just under a pound. Their body length is around 6 to 8 inches with the tail being shorter than the head and body combined. Norway Rats have a blunt nose and small eyes and ears.

Damage / Signs of Presence:

Norway Rats contaminate more than they consume. They can also pose a risk of fire by gnawing through wiring. They also undermine foundations making them weak.

  • Actually seeing rats and mice

  • Rodent burrows

  • Rodent gnaw marks

  • Tunnels in feed

  • Rub marks (greasy marks left behind)

  • Rodent droppings

  • Rodent tracks


Prefers to live underground in tunnels, but will also make a nesting area of choice if conditions are right. Most activity is at night; if day time sightings are reported the population level could be high. Norway Rats continually gnaw on wood and other material not only to gain access into areas but because they must keep their front teeth worn down or they could continue to grow to the point of death.


Prefer foods with high protein or carbohydrates but will eat almost anything. Rats unlike mice must have water source to survive.


Vary depending on infestation size and location. Control methods include: snap traps, glue boards, baits, tracking powder and liquids.


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