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Adults are 1 to 3mm in size and are reddish brown to black in color.

Damage / Signs of Presence:

Fleas can carry and spread disease and cause serious allergic reactions in people and pets. A tell tale sign of their presence is their bite. You will see pets scratching, biting and generally being annoyed. You may also see “flea dirt” (actually flea excrement) by combing through your pet’s hair. It appears as small dark spots which turn red when exposed to water.


Fleas will lay eggs and harbor in carpeting and furniture.

Life Cycle:

Fleas a have a complete life cycle from Egg, Larva, Pupa and Adult. This cycle can take 30 to 75 days depending on temperature and humidity. Adult fleas require a blood meal in order to reproduce. Eggs can lay dormant for several months.


To achieve complete control the pet must be cleared of all fleas. A vet visit is recommended. The home and possibly the yard need to be treated. Please use the check list below to prepare before your technician arrives to begin.

Check List for Pre-Treatment for Fleas:
  1. Vacuum all carpets, including closets, rugs, furniture, (under and between cushions) and bed mattresses.

  2. Place vacuum cleaner bag in sealed bag and immediately dispose outside.

  3. Clean, sweep, and mop all tile, vinyl and hardwood floors. Sweep concrete floor.

  4. Remove everything from under beds.

  5. Remove all pets, fish bowls and tanks. Shut off any aquarium air pumps. Pets must be kept out of home and tanks covered for at least 4 hours after service is completed.

  6. Dispose of, or launder all pet bedding on hot cycle. Keep separate from other items.

  7. Communicate and show your pest control professional where your pets sleep, rest and eat.

  8. Resume normal vacuuming 24 hours after treatment is completed.

  9. Continue to vacuum every 3-4 days for 2-3 weeks. This will greatly improve the effectiveness of the treatment.


If all steps are completed as directed, subsequent treatments should not be as labor intensive to the customer/tenant for pre-treatment. Additional tips and suggestions may be offered by technician at time of service. Pre-treatment check list should be completed 24 hours prior to technician’s arrival.

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